Fireside Tips

Our staff members appreciate your tips

Most people don’t think twice about tipping their food and drink servers 20 percent or bat an eye at plunking a few bills into a tip jar near the cash register at a restaurant, coffee shop or a bar.

Food preparation is not one of The Fireside Motel’s amenities. Instead, many of our staff members, such as our maintenance workers and the front desk personnel, work in the background and are often easy to miss in the bigger picture of tipping.

Housekeeping at The Fireside

Most visible among The Fireside staff is housekeeping, those dedicated employees who keep our motel rooms clean and well-stocked for guests, making sure to clean up after our wonderful guests and their adorable pets. They’ll even deliver your special requests to make your stay more comfortable: new towels, more toilet paper, an extra pillow or two, even extra doggie bags if you run out.

In each room at The Fireside is an envelope in which to put your cash tips for the housekeeping staff. Some guests prefer to tip at the end of their stay, while others may tip a certain amount each day of their stay to ensure that if staff members change from day to day, the staff for that day receives their tip. Whether you prefer to tip $20 at the end of your stay or $5 a day throughout your stay, these cash tips are gathered and kept secure until our bookkeeper at The Fireside divvies them up based on how many hours each housekeeper works. This way, everyone gets a fair percentage.

Guests who don’t prefer to leave cash in the room can instead tip housekeeping and other staff at The Fireside by putting their tip on their credit card when checking out at the front desk. We’ll make sure the tips are dispersed accordingly. Also look for the well-marked tip box in our lobby to show your appreciation to the front desk and our maintenance staff.

When in doubt, tip a bit more

In certain cases or at certain times of the year, tipping a bit more than usual goes a long way in showing all the members of our staff that they matter in the grand scheme of your ocean getaway.

The holiday season is a great time to give a little extra. And if you or your pet have left your room a bit messier than you normally do, or you’ve asked for a few more extras than usual, a bigger tip goes a long way for the cleaning crew.

However much you do tip The Fireside staff, we appreciate your giving spirit as you enjoy this special oceanside retreat, whether alone, with family or with your beloved pets.

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