It’s part of our overall company mission to support our community, help those in need and find ways to foster the growth and health in the oceanfront towns that surround us. At Fireside Motel, we are always looking for ways to give back.

We want to hear about your organization and/or campaign. But please note that over the years we have focused our community areas of support into the following categories. This allows us to support more organizations in ways that are harmonious with our company mission.

Our areas of support:

  • Green Causes (environmental organizations or causes specific to the Yachats, Newport and Florence area)
  • Youth on Track (causes that support youth development)
  • Family Wellness (fostering healthy families and children)
  • Education (local educational development efforts)
  • Animal Support (causes for the safety and wellbeing of animals)

If your organization, event or campaign falls into one of the above categories, please fill out a contribution request.

We ask that you please give us 30 days to review and respond to all donation and sponsorship requests.

Donation/Sponsorship Request Form

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(Please note: We require at least 30 days to review all contribution requests)

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