Pet Perks

Hey, pets! Bring your hoomans to The Fireside!

At The Fireside Motel, we love your pets and welcome them here as if they were our own. We have thought of all the little details to make your and your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Our past guests will back us up on this. We recently received this submission from a former pet guest, Fido, through our Share Your Pet Story page. We can’t wait to read about your or your pet’s stay, too!

That place to remember and visit again

I know this place! We’ve been here before! I can’t wait to get out of this car and smell that ocean air. It’s my favorite: the beach, the ocean, the seaweed!

Finally, my hoomans let me out for check-in, and we get a pet package! It’s all wrapped up like a present for me. It’s got sheets and towels and a bathmat and those baggies that are always attached to my leash for poo pick-up. Those baggies seem really important, so it’s a good thing the hoomans here provide them because I don’t ever think about them, honestly. The pet package also has treats! Two biscuits! They smell so good. But no begging. I am not allowed to beg. Everyone pets me and says “hello,” and then I get an extra treat.

When we get to the room, my hoomans unpack while I sniff around and make sure everything is OK. It’s definitely OK! They spread out the sheet on the couch, and then I can jump on it to test the comfiness. It’s comfy! Then they open the balcony door and, wow, the ocean is so close I can smell it. Wait, is that a meow coming from next door?

Sometimes it’s raining outside, but I don’t care. If I get wet, my hoomans use those towels to dry me off. Inside, outside, inside, outside … I love going out on the balcony every few minutes. I don’t want to miss anything! Sometimes, I am so excited I get the room zooms. Then my hoomans take me for a walk.

There are so many places to walk, I don’t know where to pull them first! I don’t even have to walk far before we hit the trail. I poop. Now I can relax and have fun! Nope, I have to wait for them to pick it up and put it into the can. Is that a cat looking at me? From the window next door to my window?

Finally, we can go. We take a path that has lots of great smells for me to explore. I can look at the ocean a lot on this path, but not until we reach the long, sandy stretch can I run and run and run! I can even roll in the sand if I want to or go for a swim in the water. The water is too cold and foamy sometimes, but I still love to chase the seagulls at the water’s edge.

Suddenly, I’m tired. We walk nice and slow back to the room, but first I wait outside while they clean me up and wipe down my paws. They give me a biscuit because I am a good boy. I drink lots of water, then it’s time to nap on the comfy couch by the fire. I’ll be here awhile. That’s how it is here. Lots of fun and lots of rest. Is that a meow? I must be dreaming.

Your hoomans will want to know more about the pet perks here, even though I’ve already told you everything you need to know to have a doggone good time. My hoomans are taking pictures of me again. They’re always taking pictures of me! But that’s okay. Maybe I’ll become the Pet of the Month.

Oh, and about cats also being welcome here? You definitely didn’t hear it from me!

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