Refresh Your Spirits And Recharge Your EVs at The Fireside Motel

The beautiful seaside towns along the central coast of Oregon have a lot to offer, not only with exceptional recreational opportunities and stunning coastal scenery, but also with wonderful amenities that visitors can enjoy, both in the towns and where they stay.

Electric vehicle owners, for example, should know where charging stations are available along the central coast; even better, which hotel accommodations offer free charging as an amenity for their paying guests.

Charging is easy and efficient

In the picturesque and charming town of Yachats, just south of Newport, The Fireside Motel and its sister property, Overleaf Lodge & Spa, offer their guests free vehicle charging. It’s a value-added feature, says Drew Roslund, co-operator with his wife Kristin of both properties. “Our customers asked for chargers and we delivered.”

Both The Fireside and Overleaf Lodge have a ClipperCreek 50-amp Level 2 EV charger on site. In addition, Overleaf Lodge has a Tesla charger. Guests may sign up for a charging appointment at either site and get a paper pass to put on their dashboard when charging.

“Our guests can charge their cars as they relax in their rooms,” Drew says. “It is very efficient.”

Improvements are in the works

Drew is invested in making improvements to the EV charging setup, too, changing with the times as technologies advance. He recently received a grant award from the Oregon Department of Transportation to replace existing chargers with networked chargers and add three more.

“In 2024, I plan to have four networked chargers at Overleaf Lodge and two at The Fireside,” he says.

These networked chargers will connect to wi-fi and will be accessible to guests at no cost via radio-frequency identification cards (RFIDs). Travelers who are passing through and need a charge will also be able to access the chargers but for a fee. The city of Yachats has an EV charger installed that is available to the public as well.

Eco-friendly decisions add up

Providing guests with onsite EV chargers is just one of the many ways The Fireside Motel works to reduce its environmental impact and make eco-friendly decisions. Low-flow showerheads and low-flow toilets have been installed in guest rooms to conserve water. In-room dispensers of personal care amenities, such as locally produced shampoo and conditioner, reduce the use of plastic bottles. And a water dispenser in the lobby provides chilled, filtered water to fill reusable bottles, cutting down on the use of plastic water bottles.

Just outside The Fireside Motel, the dramatic crashing waves, the gorgeous sunsets, the variety of active wildlife – all providing endless visual wonders for guests perched on their balconies to watch – are significant reminders of the surrounding beauty that benefits from our cherishing and caring for the environment.

“Chargers are really a small thing to install,” Drew says, “when you consider the emissions benefits for the environment. It’s easy to get behind that and give our guests what they want.”

Funded through a generous grant from the Oregon Coast Visitors Association.

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