Keeping It Green

The environment matters to us and our guests at The Fireside Motel. Our decisions to provide the very best in guest services also means that we find eco-friendly solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. As our guest, you are helping us to make a difference! Our eco-friendly solutions include:

Electric vehicle charging stations

For guests who drive electric vehicles, we’ve installed two standard Level 2 chargers in The Fireside Motel parking lot. There are also four more standard Level 2 chargers at our sister property, Overleaf Lodge & Spa, next door, also available for use. These chargers are complimentary for our guests and available first come, first served. Tesla drivers will need to bring an adaptor. Visit the front desk to get your RFID key to use the charger.

Off-site visitors needing to charge their vehicle may purchase a charge using the QR code on any of the chargers, when not in use by our guests.

The Fireside Motel operations

We’ve done a lot of little things with the environment in mind within our daily operations.

  • We make every attempt to buy local when possible, including gift shop items, room amenities, beds and furniture.
  • Every bathroom, has soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers to avoid single-use containers and cut down on the use of plastic.
  • Each room has a blue recycling bin. We recycle any disposed plastics or cans.
  • A hydration station is located in the lobby. Reusable flasks are available for purchase in our lobby gift shop.

Environmental stewardship

We make annual contributions to View the Future, a Yachats-based nonprofit that’s responsible for stewarding and conserving land and wildlife habitats in the Yachats area. The group maintains the 804 Trail adjacent to The Fireside and a favorite of our guests. Along with our contributions, our guests voluntarily donate $1 per night of their stay to View the Future. These funds are earmarked for 804 Trail maintenance and upgrades. We also make annual contributions to the Cape Perpetua Collaborative, a Yachats-based nonprofit that maintains the Cape Perpetua scenic area and marine reserve. Guests of Overleaf Lodge & Spa, our sister property, make voluntary donations to this nonprofit, $1 per night of their stay.