“Tacuchi returns for the 3rd year to escape the neighborhood fireworks. He studied the signage with interest.

Tacuchi is a rescue from Mexico. He is 4 years old, but spent his first year as a street dog in a small coastal town near Puerto Vallarta. Hanging out at a school, kids shared their lunch with him (he loves quesadillas). No family would take him in during vacation so a couple of older kids, feeling sorry for him, took him to an animal refuge where we found him. He thinks he won the lottery, just ask him!

His name was given to him by the kids. It’s Spanish slang for a fancy suit. His markings do look like he is wearing a tuxedo. He hates fireworks, thus his annual trek to the coast for all of our sanities.” – Owner Dave Boroughs

Tacuchi The Dog 2

Owner: Dave Boroughs

Pet name: Tacuchi