A room at Fireside Motel places you just minutes away from oceanfront activities, and all the fun and beauty the Oregon Coast has to offer.

Below are just a few of the many possibilities open to you when you stay at the Fireside Motel.


Go for a stroll on any beach near the Fireside Motel and you’re likely to find agates, jasper, driftwood, shells, and maybe even a glass float riding the current from Japan. The most successful hunters visit beaches on the outrunning tides from December through March. Visit the Oregon Agates website  for more information.

Beach Safety

Whether you’re walking along the beach to enjoy the ocean air, visiting tidepools to catch a glimpse of sea creatures, or eager to swim or surf, take a moment to check that the ocean conditions are safe for your planned activity. Oregon State Parks offers excellent beach safety guidelines. In the case of a tsunami, leave your car and head inland.


Digging clams is a year round sport at Alsea Bay, but the best digging is in spring at minus tides of two-feet or better. For more information visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website.


Dungeness crab are caught at the Alsea Bay just seven miles north of the Fireside Motel. Recreational crabbing is open year round, with some of the best hauls caught during the winter months. Classes in crabbing and clamming are held during the summer. For more information visit the Port of Alsea website.


The sandy beaches near Yachats, Eckman Slough, the Yachats River, and the lakes of Florence offer excellent fishing opportunities for lingcod, red snapper, sea bass, cabezon, rock cod, sea trout, china rock and more. Take a chartered fishing boat or rent your own boat, equipment and supplies in town. Visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website for regulations, licensing, and more information.


Many historical and current lighthouses line the majestic Oregon coastline. Take a tour and learn about their haunted pasts, or simply view their picturesque beauty against the backdrop of the ocean. Visit the Oregon Coast’s website for more information.


Yachats provides an abundance of fascinating tidal pools, including giant green anemones, ochre sea stars, purple sea urchins and more. Learn all about the animals and plants that make their homes where the land meets the sea. For more information visit the Oregon State Parks guide.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is a nearly year-round activity on the Oregon Coast, with gray whales the most commonly seen. Book one of the many area whale watching charter boats, or you can choose an aerial view from an airplane or helicopter tour. If you’re lucky, you can spot one from your room on a calm day at Fireside Motel. For more information, go to Visit the Oregon Coast’s website.

Water Sports

With the combination of the ocean and nearby rivers and lakes, avid water sport enthusiasts and recreational visitors alike will find endless opportunities for swimming, surfing, kite surfing, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, boating and more. For more information, go to Visit the Oregon Coast’s website.

Sea Lion Caves

The Sea Lion cave is made up of a large sea grotto and the only mainland home for wild sea lions in North America. Open daily the Sea Lion Cave is located about 14 miles south of Yachats. Find out more on the Sea Lion Cave website.


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