Central Oregon Coast Local Attractions

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  • Sea Lion Caves
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium
  • Oregon State Marine Science Center
  • The Newport Bayfront
  • The Little Log Church Museum

Sealion Caves

Oregon Coast Sea LionsThis attraction is open every day of the year except Christmas.  The caves are a huge sea grotto and the only mainland home for wild sea lions in North America. Located at the base of a 325 foot headland, you descend, via an elevator, 200 feet to  view, hear, and smell hundreds of sea lions. 

Oregon State Marine Science Center

The Center provides a close-up look at Oregon marine life and regional plant and animal inhabitants. The children will enjoy the octopus, touch tide pool, and skeleton of a Minke whale. For information regarding their hours and admission visit their website.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

This 2 1/2 acre facility has indoor and outdoor exhibits featuring fish, sea otters, seals, sea lions, crabs, sharks and many shore and marine birds.  To help you avoid long lines, the Overleaf Lodge sells tickets at the front desk to this attraction.  Located in Newport on the South end of the Yaquina Bay Bridge. 541-867-3474

The Newport Bayfront

Whale mural - Newport, OregonThis is a working bayfront that also caters to tourists. Antique shops and  art galleries rub shoulders with working canneries and tackle shops. The docks are jammed with commercial fishing and pleasure boats.  There are Undersea Gardens, Wax Works and Ripley's Believe It or Not for the children's delight.  Walking through Newport is a delight to the eyes as numerous murals have been painted on walls throughout the bayfront.

The Little Log Church Museum

Little log church in Yachats, Oregon The rustic little building at the corner of Third and Pontiac Streets in Yachats has been a part of this coastal community for generations.  Built in the shape of a cross from local timber hauled down the Yachats River, the Little Log Church was completed and dedicated in 1930.  The building underwent a complete restoration in 1993, by enthusiastic community volunteer workers.

Today the Little Log Church Museum houses a rich treasure of local historical artifacts as well as contemporary works on loan as exhibits. It is still regularly used for weddings and memorials. For hours visit the Little Log Church website. 541-547-3976

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